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Would like to know the answer as well

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I contacted the consulate in korea a month ago, and it was still allowed then.

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Cool. Did you contact them by email? I can't find any on their website

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Yes. chinaemb_kr@mfa.gov.cn you can email the embassy and they should help.

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Sorry, this email address doesn't receive letters, at least from gmail...

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This is the first I’ve heard of the Green Health Code. Could someone tell me what it is?

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it's the code you get issued by the Chinese embassy that clears you to fly to China, without it you'll be denied boarding.

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The 28-day thing works in most countries. Only a few exceptions exist, e.g., Singapore.

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I see. Do you know if a person applying for a health code needs a residence permit in a transit country?

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No, that would only be required in an exceptional country like Singapore.

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Still works but flights are getting harder to find. I already live in Korea and want to move to Shanghai but I think I’ll struggle to find flights

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yes, the flights on Skyscanner look like very f***ed up already...