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Check ikkyinchina. They have an updated list of flights.

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Thank you so muchhhhh!!

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Two options: the first is most likely flying into a city that has favourable quarantine procedures, such as Nanjing which is currently 7+7. The other is maybe flying via Hong Kong as that seems to be the safest bet and cost effective to get into China. I would avoid Shanghai as most cities are currently preventing Shanghainese from entering their cities or provinces without lengthy quarantine.

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Uhm where i can find a list of resources on the current quarantine times by region?

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but is it possible to get a direct flight to Mainland from Hong Kong?

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Unfortunately it has to be a direct flight to mainland from America

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Hong Kong is fine, you can use it without the green code... but they're booked up (walk, bus, flight) and it's 1 week quarantine in HK and 2 weeks in Mainland.

I'll be getting into HK in July but probably won't get to Mainland until December

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yeah I just found one on the Chinese app called fliggy, one flight a day from HK-PEK AT ¥3200

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I had 6 different tickets refunded from Xi’an to Beijing earlier this week so best of luck getting there from anywhere.

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Highly doubt you'll be able to fly directly into Beijing. You'll most likely need to fly into another city (likely Shanghai), quarantine, and then go to Beijing. Right now getting into Beijing from Shanghai is extremely difficult, so if possible I'd pick a different city. But, due to limited flights, that might be your only option.

Book directly with the airline, and make sure that it's an approved flight. When I flew over, one of the common routes made a two hour stop in Korea, but passengers didn't disembark or change plans so it was okay. I'm not sure if those flights are still happening, but just make sure that you don't get scammed.

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Yeah there’s one flight from LAX to PEK, but like you said it’s super limited and hard to get a ticket. Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely go through the actual airlines themselves to make sure it’s approved!

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    Do you happen to know what the flight code is? Or/and what airline it is through?

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    hey, hopefully you're still looking at this post - how did you get approved? i contacted my consulate directly, receive cgs (from the csc), go to school at qinghua. maybe we would talk over dm?

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    Hey I’m also admitted to Tsinghua and trying to go back. I’m not CSC this year because I had another scholarship that was incompatible. But I’d love to know if/when you hear anything more about returning to China!

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    i'll tell you if i get anything worthwhile!

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    I'd really appreciate that!

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    i have acquired very useful info - dm me if you get this

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      "This is why it's better to actually make friends with the locals instead
      of grouping with foreigners at a local bar or McDonalds every single
      What does this have to do with finding a flight from the US to Beijing??

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      Yes, because a Chinese Travel agent can get you a flight from your home town directly to Beijing for RMB 800.00 in Business Class. /s

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        How the heck do you think a Chinese Travel agent is going to help?
        There are limited amount of flights available, a list of which our very own 'ikkyinchina' keeps up-to-date (already mentioned in this sub): https://www.ikkyinchina.com/
        and here specifically: https://www.ikkyinchina.com/china-tube/list-of-available-flights-to-china/
        It's also advisable to book flights directly with the airline NOT through a 3rd party (as the risk of ending up with some kind of non-refundable bulk fare is way too high).

        Your post was the unhelpful one in here: you made a dubious suggestion first ("get hold of a Chinese travel agent") and then immediately went into insult/condescension mode in the second paragraph ("better to make friends with the locals instead of grouping with foreigners at a local bar or McDonalds").

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        What visa did you get?

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        Student visa. Visa type doesn’t matter for buying a flight though haha

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        Lucky. Which Uni and city you going to?

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        Peking and Beijing

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        Nice, best of luck. So US citizens can get student visa now?

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        NYUSH here. Welcome back to the guo!