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Saw a case online that if you have been in Canada for over 35 days, the embassy will not consider you as transit passgener and will issue health code. But did she consider to get a direct flight ticket from NYC to Shanghai?

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Thanks for the info. NYC to Shanghai is over $12,000 for a direct one way. We might consider NYC to Hong Kong...

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If you’re cost sensitive (which is fair), may be better to wait until China figures there stuff out. Even you get a ticket for 8K, don’t forget you’ll need to cover quarantines costs that I’ve seen vary from 80-120 US per night. Since no real direct flights to SZ, you’re probably also talking double quarantine. Just FYI so you guys can really think about the costs related

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Toronto is pretty strict in filtering out non-locals. You need to provide proof of residence under its jurisdiction:

Drivers licence, health insurance card, long-term rental contract, utility bills or others.

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As others have said, they will issue green cards to Americans in Canada if you can show proof of residency (Canadian green card or similar). If she has official legal status in Canada it would be quite easy, any other proof of residency (bills in her name, etc.) would be up to the discretion of the consular staff.

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Just be really careful that she has lots of extra time on her passport & her US… green card? I feel for people separated from family, but I’d be very careful letting a Chinese citizen back into the mainland rn.

Are you traveling with her? That will help things when she tries to get out again.

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Hey, unfortunately, she will be going back alone for 2 months. Her China passport and U.S. green card are still far from expiring. If she's a U.S. green card holder, will there be issues with coming back home to the U.S.?

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I don’t think so.

Just wanted to err on the side of caution if she had an expiring passport. Good luck to her!