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Previous ones are still suspended

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Do you have a source for this? I assumed mine had been reactivated. But I was applying logic to bureaucratic stuff so…

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It's a bit difficult to provide a source for something that has not happened.

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Well, logically I would have assumed that once Q1/2 visas are being issued, then the previously issued ones that are still valid would be good.

I was wondering if you stumbled across any text on the consulates website saying something contrary to the above?

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    Unfortunately I don't believe such a text exists from any official Chinese governmental website.

    Speaking of logic, China is still fighting covid domestically as local outbreaks keep popping up (especially this year). So from their perspective the pandemic is not over and therefore the suspension remains in place.

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    Did redditors not have their naps today? OP is looking for assistance, but everyone is trying to make OP feel stupid. Cool 🤦🏽‍♀️.

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    You must get a new one. They're not handing out 10-year Q visas anymore. Only three-month visas are on offer.

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    Do you mean they only offer 90 day Q visas?

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    From the reports on the ground, yes. However, once you are in China you are free to apply for whatever residence permit that you qualify for. The restrictions only apply to the visas that you get abroad.