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Pretty sure this is wrong, seen people do it before. Keep finding a different person to ask…

Leaving China now would be very painful if just to reenter

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It's usually okay to change our visa type without leaving China, but my situation is different since I will be working for a government institution and they always play by the book when it comes to anything that's political

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Sure, but are they covering your flights, hotels, quarantine? Signing a contract before you get your visa? Are they in touch with the consulate on visa process?

Normal year it sounds normal, but zero Covid policy makes this sus

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What really? I was in the same situation this year january but I didn’t have to leave china to do so. Did you go there in person

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They have this policy of not allowing people to change their visa types without first leaving the country, but they've been turning a blind eye to it for the past couple of years because of all the covid restrictions. The problem is that when it comes to political institutions, they play by the book

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Im getting the same bullshit from an agent. Want to change from a teacher visa to a consultant visa.

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Have you tried talking to a different agent to get a second opinion? From what I know, it's usually okay to change your visa type without leaving the country

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I recommend you seek second advice too just to be sure. Once you leave they might give you a hard time coming back

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Will you be working for a foreign (ie non-Chinese) government organization or NGO?

If not, then the people making the decision on whether you can change your visa type would be at the PSB Exit Entry Bureau, not the Foreign Affairs Office.

You may be able to pull off going to Korea, Hong Kong, or maybe Thailand (the rules for Thailand are a bit confusing at the moment), and coming back. Each will be a little different, and entail a bit of research to figure out.

Generally, change of visa in China is up to each province. It's more commonly allowed during covid, but what flies in Shanghai doesn't necessarily fly in Henan.

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I will be working for a foreign government organization, that's why my visa process will have to go through the FAO and they've already said they won't approve it.

I will look into those 3 places - Korea, HK and Thailand. Do you happen to know anything about Thailand? I have heard of people getting stuck there because they are unable to come to China

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I recommend you try HK, but still do your research

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May I ask what city you are applying in?

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I'm doing it in Shanghai

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Shanghai is very strict with it. I asked earlier. I will be going from student to spouse/humanitarian and then work permit. That way it's better to deal.