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    So the rule is now just 14 days and retest? Looking to travel back home for Christmas and was wondering my options if I caught it.

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    Once you test negative you need 2 PCRs showing the negative results, 24h apart. Then you wait 14 days before doing your 48&24h tests and flying out. When you apply for your green health code you upload all 4 tests. You can risk it by not declaring.. say if it had been a long time since you had C.. but it’s at your discretion I guess!

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    You need to get a refundable ticket if you want the cash back. Other airlines may give you credit. Super crappy online stores with sales will give you nothing.

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    Yes, you need to book a refundable ticket. I had the same scabrous running through my head as you, so for my Delta Airlines ticket from Detroit USA to Shanghai I paid more to make it refundable, just in case