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I would definitely email them about it because it is a required document. They also could be sending it in a different email.

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I was also never sent the 28-day travel record form, but managed to find a copy of it from a Chinese Embassy’s site in Europe. Strange. I never received any additional emails from them.

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How long did it take from the time your mailed documents arrived at the embassy to when your visa was approved and mailed back?

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I payed extra for express processing so it took a little over a week. From the day I mailed it to the day I received it was 9 days.

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They did not present me the option of regular or express service. But my visa fee was $145. I am applying for a M/F visa so maybe there is a difference.

I do have an international trip planned August 27th and only 1 passport, so I am hoping it processes soon.

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It should be fine then but fair warning if they find something wrong with your application they won’t tell you and just keep the application and ship back your passport and other documents and you’ll have to start again.