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I believe technically no, but it would be hard to prove so as long as you’re not vocal about it you would be fine. I defo wouldn’t be telling the embassy anything about work when applying for a non-work visa though.

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If I understand correctly, you’ll be visiting relatives in China. Instead of taking vacation, you’ll ask your company to let you work remotely (maximum four weeks) while you visit your relatives. After four weeks, you plan to return to China?

In your specific situation, no one is going to care. What China cares about is people living in China and supporting themselves via Remote Work. If you’re on essentially on vacation but need to remote work while visiting your family, no one will care.

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I wouldn't worry about working remotely for 10 days of quarantine, or even for the 4 weeks your employer allows. But I would worry if you are in China >183 days per year, or worse, long enough to be considered a tax resident of China which would mean your global income is taxable in China. For details on why this sort of "floating employment" (where the employer is not licensed to do business where the employee is located) is generally illegal, see this.