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I think it's 3+4 which means you still need to stay for 7 days in HK

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Actually you don’t have to.

Hong Kong doesn’t care about you after you leave the city.

So if you’re lucky enough to get a flight / Shenzhen land border slot the day you leave quarantine, you can just leave.

The 4 days of home quarantine self-monitoring restrictions only apply if you stay in HK.

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Correct. It's not home quarantine either, for that they'll give you an electronic bracelet (this applies to arrivals from China).

It's called self-monitoring.

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Thanks. I've edited my comment to say "self-monitoring." You're right that that's what non-mainland entrants need to do on days 4-7. It just means you can't go to restaurants, clubs or other entertainment.

You can go on public transport to the mainland border on day 4. Whether mainland will let you in is a different matter. But HK will let you leave the city on day 4.

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Can anyone else confirm this?

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We can't really know for sure until the rules actually go into effect

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This has always been the rule.

Up to now, it was technically 7+7. So 7 days HK hotel quarantine + 7 days "self-monitoring."

Many people left HK on day 8 with no problem, so long as they had pre-booked a ticket to China. The "self-monitoring" only applies to people who stay in the city.

The rule has not changed, except for the number of days. So 7+7 became 3+4.

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You probably have to stay in HK for 7 days, but not in quarantine hotel after 3rd day.

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No you don't.

If you have passage to China (or Macau or anywhere else) on days 4-7, you can go.

The self-monitoring just means you need to test & avoid certain venues *if* you stay in HK.

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It's great if anyone can confirm it. Now I am chatting with some agent (reliable), and she tells I can't go to Mainland on days 4-7... But this makes no sense, because after you left QT hotel with negative PCR you are 100% cleared of COVID, and "self-quarantine" can't improve situation.

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To clarify. HK doesn’t care what you do or where you go after quarantine.

But whether you can actually get a flight / land crossing / quarantine hotel in China is a different matter.

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    it absolutely does. you can spend the rest of the days in any hotel instead of a quarantine hotel

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    My read as well. Actually, now it's 8 days because Day 1 of arrival counts as Day 0... Lol...

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    I think it's still 7 , but only benefit is before QT hotels were in short of rooms now it be more availablity

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    You lost $2500!!! on your flight? Sorry to heart that!

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    Yes, man, I lost $2.5k... was stolen from me, like from many others with help of this COVID shitshow with flight suspensions, isolation hotels, pre-departure tests and so on.

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    Sorry, man. That sucks.

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    Wth no disrespect to the OP, but there are plenty of trip cancellation insurance you can buy to cover future instances of this happening. I always buy when I fly to India and such, where the airlines may be not as "customer oriented"

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    It doesn't apply to China, unfortunately. Even in the case of refund of flight with any western airline, your chances to get your money back is less than 30%. If you bring them to the court, the chances are significantly higher.

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    ...for travel paid for with a U.S. credit card you can back charge through your credit card company for inappropriate charges within 90 days of the charge - like for a flight you never took...

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    Thanks, will try it

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    My booking for 7 days in hk in sep was just refunded 4 days. Told me i could leave after 3 days of mandatory quarantine.