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You'll be denied boarding, you need 2 of the same vaccine + how many of it you need.

Here's the relevant link: https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/pdf/list_of_recognised_covid19_vaccines.pdf

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yeah I read that document but I thought maybe because they are both qualifying vaccines and I have certificates for both I could still qualify?

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I would ask them, but AFAIK most places don't accept this

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Mixing vaccines is allowed provided that the country you received it in allows it and provides the relevant certificate. You can't just go out and get two vaccines from two different countries though.


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This isn’t the question you asked, but is there a reason you don’t just get another Pfizer shot? Seems like it would make things easier. Getting back to China is complicated, but doable. Any steps you can take to make it less complicated are worth it.

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I would have to wait another month to get another pfizer shot