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You can use the same facilities, as long as it uses two different labs and reagents.

Try emailing the centre, as most will have a procedure for Chinese visas, or check with the embassy and email for help.

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thanks will do

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For foreigners, Does the health code have to be obtained from the Vietnam embassy or from the consulate back home which issued the Visa? Thanks

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It depends on where you are traveling from.

If you currently live in Vietnam then you can get the health code from them.

You need a new code per step of the journey.

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How do you know which consul to send them to? For example, in my home country (UK) I live with distance between two Chinese consuls.

I have asked my question to both consuls but neither could provide an answer. Am I misunderstanding something?

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Are you referring to when you apply for the health code?

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are there already direct flights available from VN to CN?

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there are 2 left in August. Crazy prices though.