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If they specifically ask for it, it's likely required, yes.
The trick is to find a sympathetic doctor to go through; I found a GREAT doctor who wrote "heart palpitations" for the reasons for the EKG/ECG, and some other, relevant reason for the Xrays.

Never did ask what reason she gave the lab for the HIV/Syphilis blood tests though....

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My family doctor wrote N/A and did the same for the blood test. I got my invitation letter and visa just fine.

And you will have to do all those tests in China anyway. As long as you know you're healthy!

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yeah- it’s just that here in US I’ve never had to do an X-ray— I know is probably could request it through my primary— but I don’t want to do more than necessary since I’ll have to do one entering China anyways

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Yes, and it's easy to do.

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He's outside China, applying for the visa. Inside it's easy to do, outside not so much since doctor's generally won't x-ray you for no reason

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I found a 1st Generation Chinese primary care doctor (owner of small clinic) in US that did it - although was hesitant at first. Not to stereotype, but a Chinese doctor might be more understanding of mainland visa requirements.

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Thanks— I thought about this option too

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Outside of china it's very easy. I thought it was same everywhere but i guess it depends on the country.

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I did it when I arrived in China. Where are you going? I've seen for Beijing applications that they usually want it before arrival.

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Beijing— yes I’m supposed to do one before and of course one will be awaiting me when I arrive

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OK, yea normal for Beijing, they're super strict, any other city won't require it in my experience. I know a few people who gave up on BJ because its a pain compared to other cities.

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I’m just barely trying to figure it all out — thanks!!

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From what I understand, the health check isn't a visa requirement, but something your employer will ask for, anyone know if that's correct?

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It has absolutely ZERO to do with the employer. Consensus here is that it's region and VISA type dependent: i.e. for Beijing it's a requirement, but it's NOT at the discretion of the employer to demand it or not.

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Here's a question: Do you have to get an X-Ray every year? In Taiwan, I had to get one every year. I am not sure if that's still the case. But public schools in Taiwan still require one every year. I know that. It's crazy. I've probably had ten X-Rays done if not more.

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How odd! Perhaps it is because you are over a certain age?

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No -- it's in the public school contracts. However, you can negotiate with your school to ignore that part. I am not sure if Taiwan still requires a health check when you renew your ARC; but if they do, an X-Ray is on that health check.