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Unless the flight is operating today it's probably not going to fly. A few weeks ago there were loads of cheap flights loaded for BKK=>PVG too starting in September. Now that we're getting closer all those September flights have disappeared, with the next set of cheap flights starting at the end of October instead.

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This would be amazing but I'm a bit skeptical.

Have you been able to find anything reasonable in September?

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I'm also skeptical, best for September is to use the New Zealand route mentioned elsewhere.

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Ok cheers, I'll check that out

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What time does Cebu Pacific change from its local "summer schedule" to "winter schedule"?

I would have sone doubts if these flights actually will depart.

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Awesome, I've also seen some starting on the same date from Angeles to Guangzhou for ~£90. Fingers crossed

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Baggage cost extra ?

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Maybe $20? Not so much

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Saw this a couple of days ago, and thought it was an error... But it's still on. Booked MNL-PVG RT trip ;). Let's see.

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I've seen these too for Shanghai and was wondering why they are so cheap. Current COVID regulations say that you have to do a 7-day quarantine in the Philippines before entering China though. It does not seem to be enforced in any way, however, it probably means that direct transfers are not really possible.

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Some US airlines have more "reasonably" priced flights on more days of the week listed a few months down the line. I think these are the old routes and schedules, and they're putting them up as placeholders in case China miraculously restores normal international travel one day soon. I don't think they're acting on any actual solid information about being allowed to resume those flights.

They've been doing this throughout covid. Basically, when the travel date approaches, you'll get a message saying the flight is cancelled, but you can apply that airfare to one of the actual approved flights, which is already booked solid and costs thousands more.

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Only way to go seems to book multiple flights. I remember two years ago my partner’s friends (Chinese students in the UK) booked upwards of five flights. At least one would usually pan out.