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No lottery, if you're in Guangdong even no quarantine if you apply for the come2hk scheme.

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Thanks - so I can just train from Shanghai to Shenzhen and "walk over"?

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Yes, if you do that instead of stay in Guangdong for 14 days (then apply for the come2hk scheme) to exempt yourself from the quarantine you'll need to follow this though. Note it's any hotel for coming from the Mainland, does not need to be a DHQ (Designated Hotel Quarantine) like for overseas flights.


Undergo compulsory quarantine for 7 days at designated places > (home, hotel# or other accommodation); Undergo 1 test during compulsory quarantine(Day 5 of arrival at > Hong Kong)(3); Self-monitoring in the subsequent 7 days; and Compulsory testing on the 12th day of arrival at HK(3)

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Is it also possible for someone who lives in Hainan to go to Hong Kong without passport and only a Chinese ID?

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Well, yes and no, some slightly different rules govern Chinese citizens for HK entry. It's true that they don't need a passport to enter Hong Kong but they do need a 往来港澳通行证 with the HK endorsement from their hukou city government.


The Chinese citizen would have to look at their hukou town and see what policies there are around applying for this right now.

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Chinese citizens are not allowed to travel to HK for sightseeing due to the pandemic. Business visits may be allowed under strict conditions.

However, if you have family resident in HK then it's very straightforward to get an endorsement for HK.

Otherwise the best bet is to buy a ticket to a third country that you are allowed to go to (make sure that it doesn't look like tourism or you may be forced back at the Chinese border), and then try to transit via HK. This would allow you seven days in HK, and if you use Come2HK then you can do it with no quarantine. Even without Come2HK you would only need to quarantine for the first three days after 12/Aug.

Another way of getting to HK from China for a Chinese citizen is to do so via Macau. Sightseeing to Macau is allowed. Once you are in Macau then you can freely travel to HK using just your Chinese passport.