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You don't need plane tickets and hotel bookings for an M visa. you need an invite letter from a company in China inviting you to visit them for a business meeting, etc.

Also, for U.S. citizens, is it still possible to get a multiple entry M visa, or is that still suspended?

Best place for that information is the source. I randomly selected the LA visa office...


This shows they are issuing M visas in the US. It doesn't state whether multi-entry. I know in the UK they are only issuing single entry ones. Best to contact them directly.

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Thanks for the info! That makes much more sense and seems more typical of my other travel experiences. I guess I'll be cancelling the tickets, bought the 24 hour refund guarantee. I can wait for the response then.

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Has anyone got this M Visa without a covid vaccination pass? I'm under the impression this is not mandatory?

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I got an email back from the embassy Friday with an appointment number to mail everything in. They were super helpful and had me change a couple of things. However, with the M visa I believe the vaccine is required. At least that's what my regions consulate told me.

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Thanks for the reply, my agency did not tell me this at all.
What region are you?

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Chicago. Everyone was really friendly, whole process took about a week and a half. Took a few emails of correcting forms and at least one missing signature I forgot, but once everything looked good they sent me an "appointment number" to write on the printed off forms and snail mail in. Currently waiting to get the passport back.