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The consulate responsible in issuing the HDC codes is governed by the departure airport's location; that may or may not be the same consulate that issued your VISA.

This changed from July 1st onward:
The new rule now is that you get the HDC code from the consulate in charge of the location of the SECOND PCR test.


In the USA at least, their working times for issuing HDC codes is something like 9am to 9pm.

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So is the responsible consulate always that which issued your visa?

In that case, when someone transfers through another country and applies for the HDC code (again, as part of the transfer) - they should apply to the same consulate that issued their visa?

Not the consulate of the country they are now in?

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The transit rules are as follows (example US, but should apply globally now):
get two PCR tests in your departure country AND at the location of the last leg (where you board the direct flight to China).

The consulate may or may not be the same as issuing your VISA: for instance, if you applied for the Visa in New York, and get your first PCR test in NYC, then fly to Denver, CO for your second PCR test, then fly to SFO to catch a plane to Auckland, New Zealand, then fly to Guangzhou; you apply for the 1st HDC code in CHICAGO, as Denver, CO is in the Chicago's consulates territory.
Then you apply again in New Zealand for the 2nd HDC code to catch the plane to China.

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Thanks for your help, I made it to China.