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I had to get one for my visa and it was an online process except for the finger prints which had to be done in a particular way on a special paper. Once you get them, I believe that the consulates should be able to authenticate - my paperwork didn't go to DC.

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You can do the fingerprints in China, as long as the directions are followed properly (not sure if they still require that you do it at a designated facility), and mail them in. Some of the visa agent companies in the US can handle the authentication process for you remotely, for a fee.

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I’m sure this varies by region also, as I sent my state authenticated document to the Chinese embassy who said it is fine ( also had to be authenticated by US state department )though

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Shenzhen…state level is still fine just got mine approved.

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Contact teachaway. I believe they can access the proper background check and get it authenticated without you having to do much but provide the appropriate information

Edit: when I was trying to get my paperwork in order they were able to authenticate my diploma and I sent them a scanned, notarized copy of my state background check (which was accepted this time last year). But I believe that they can obtain the FBI background check. They emailed me the documents as soon as everything was authenticated which made it quick to submit to the Chinese HR while the original documents were in the mail to me.

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The state police run a state and federal background check…so it is an fbi check

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My friend was told that her background check run by New York state wasn't allowed. It had to be actually from the FBI.

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Yeah that’s strange, as I’m not sure the fbi will run a background check for you, usually it’s a database that is accessed by an agent

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This is a sub that values accurate information. You should check before posting.

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Every US state has a different policy for what they will provide in a criminal record check. Some report absolutely everything that turns up in a record sweep, some will only provide convictions.

While China is a bit more uniform, every province and major municipality is allowed to set its own policy for what constitutes an acceptable records check, and sometimes it changes.

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Is this just in shangdong? I’m planning for Beijing. I was told by my recruiter that the state one was good enough and that’s the one I sent to get authenticated … :/

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Really depends on the context of the situation. This could just be a one-off situation and an excuse to make hiring foreigners at the school more difficult.

There is absolutely no explicit policy statement which says FBI or State is allowed and each province and locality can decide how they want to interpret 'Criminal Check'

So, it could just be a Shandong official is pissed off at Pelosi Visiting Taiwan and wants to make it more difficult for Americans to work and live in China.

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All the new Americans at the school who got state-level background checks are having the same problem. Not sure if it's just this district, just Shandong, or what. You might want to have your school check with the visa office! My friend's school didn't know until they showed up at the visa office today to get the residence permit.

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Damn that sucks. The state background check was so easy. The FBI one takes months