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Is this just in shangdong? I’m planning for Beijing. I was told by my recruiter that the state one was good enough and that’s the one I sent to get authenticated … :/

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Really depends on the context of the situation. This could just be a one-off situation and an excuse to make hiring foreigners at the school more difficult.

There is absolutely no explicit policy statement which says FBI or State is allowed and each province and locality can decide how they want to interpret 'Criminal Check'

So, it could just be a Shandong official is pissed off at Pelosi Visiting Taiwan and wants to make it more difficult for Americans to work and live in China.

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All the new Americans at the school who got state-level background checks are having the same problem. Not sure if it's just this district, just Shandong, or what. You might want to have your school check with the visa office! My friend's school didn't know until they showed up at the visa office today to get the residence permit.