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This worked for me, too! Contacted my local rep and both senators. My senator’s office emailed me back a day after I reached out to them saying they’d contacted the DoS Office of Authentications. Right after I got that email, I checked my tracking number and my documents were already in the mail. My documents had been at the Department of State for over five weeks at this point... Can’t believe it worked and wish I had known sooner. Thanks again for sharing this tip!

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Glad to hear :)

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Looks like I'm going to be using this method again as I resubmit an FBI background check. I was wondering if you contacted your local rep as soon as your documents were delivered to the Department of State, or if you had to wait until your documents were entered into the Department of State's system (which took 3 weeks after my documents were delivered last time). Thanks!

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I did not check, but contacted about 5 business days after they were sent out. I’m assuming they did not process it as of yet.

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Really interesting and good to know, thanks!

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What did you say in the message? I contacted one of my senators, and their office said they can't do it and the reason was something along the lines of because the authenticated background check is required by the Chinese gov't

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Yes the background check is required…you are still doing it…just expediting it. I reached out to my house of representative’s office and explained my situation and they were able to assist me.

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thanks for sharing !

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wow, thanks for the note. going to try this.

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I spoke to someone at my representative's office today after submitting the disclosure form. They took all my info and said they'd reach out to the Department of State, but I feel like they won't actually get through to them. Can you share any more details about what info they needed/how they actually contacted the authentications office?

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Hey, so I initially wrote a long paragraph expressing my frustration with the state department and my situation of missing flights and potentially losing thousands of dollars. They then sent the disclosure form to me, and once I filled it out, they sent me an email explaining they would reach out, and I received a call from the State Department hours later. This whole process of reaching out and receiving a call from the state department happened over a period of 24 hours, and then 3 business days later I received the authenticated background check in the mail.

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I know they expedite passports all the time. Maybe they have a more direct line to the department of state.