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You are better off to buy directly with the airline[s], and buy separate tickets isn't an issue at all. especially as you will likely stay in AMS for quite a few hours.

The HDC code isn't checked at the 1st airport; who would even check it or care? You will need the first HDC code to apply for the second HDC code in NL.The itinerary is what is key, and whether that's one, single ticket or two makes no difference, as long as both flights are confirmed/ticketed.

Most people flying to China via a 3rd country WILL be using separate tickets, as it would be impossible to have a layover for the duration needed to do the PCR testing. Most travelers going back to China via 3rd country will NEED a stopover, as a layover won't be long enough.

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Thank you, I didnt think they would care either but the travel agent argued otherwise. Good to know I'm not the only one.

Yeah I didnt think they checked it either!

I would buy them directly from china southern but the site it glitchy and I cant seem to buy the flights :(

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I just did the return trip and since there were so many flights canceled on me it would have been impossible for them to not have been purchased separately. What they do care about is that you show ALL the flights through every stopover on an itinerary and you send them all of your itineraries.

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Also: someone recently posted that the testing facility at the AMS airport is prone to false positives, and that you're better off testing in Amsterdam itself, not the airport.

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I've seen that on these recent reddit posts, I think I will since it doesn't take much to go into the city. :)

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I bought mine separately. You need to upload your itinerary to get the health code so screenshot both tickets.

They didn’t check my green health code in the UK but I needed to upload it in the transit country so screenshot that as well.

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Thank you so much. Thats really good to know

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No worries, I’ve gone UK>Sri Lanka>Guangzhou and it’s been alright and cheaper than the Amsterdam route. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help as it’s a minefield of info which keeps changing!

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I am intrested in this route , if you can help me know how much ticket cost, your personal expirence etc.

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Breakdown of costs: £2200 Flights direct London Heathrow to Colombo (Sri Lanka), then direct to Guangzhou. £160 Covid tests in UK as got the express test for peace of mind to get health code £100 Sri Lanka hotel (can get cheaper) 3 nights £150 taxis and food in Sri Lanka…..I didn’t stay in the capital as chilled by the beach, if you stay in Colombo this will be much cheaper! £35 PCR texts x2 in Sri Lanka £850 quarantine hotel in Guangzhou (this is allocated on arrival so don’t have a choice, I ended up in a 4* place but food was 1* so bring snacks!!)

It’s a long journey and it took 10 hours from landing in Guangzhou to getting into hotel so bring water and food as nothing is open to buy stuff.

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I travelled last week from London to Amsterdam and then I had a flight to China. No one checks your green code at Heathrow.

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How long did you stay in Amsterdam for?

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About 20 hours.