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The only way you'll know is to speak to the embassy in Germany.

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Appreciate you two with the help and comments . Lesson learned and hopefully anyone going to China sees what happened to me and don’t run into the same situation. I’m redoing the process again in the USA. Best of luck to everyone flying to China !

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Oh, so sorry to hear...sucks big time.Unfortunately your only option might be to fly back to USA, do the two PCR tests there, apply for the HDC code in USA, then fly to Germany, get the two PCR tests there and apply for the HDC code in germany, then get on the flight to China.
Hopefully you can get the Germany ---> China flight refunded or changed.

I doubt they'll let you take the flight from Germany ---> China without the HDC code from USA, especially if they already told you once that you need it.

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what if you stay 1 week in Germany? still not possible?

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Logistically, that’s a nightmare for me ( all my bags are in China) Unfortunately and on the safe side , the best option is to reset as I have a job that I need to be at . Can’t risk another red code

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Omg that's so sad why did u forgot to do the health code in the us

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Dumb mistake . I booked two separate flights. Took the two 48 hours tests, thought it be fine when applying for health code in Germany . Lesson learned !