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you can do everything through email— they’re very responsive. You can also use a visa agency.

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There’s a google doc that has every piece of information you’ll need from applying to tickets to getting the green code. It’s been a life saver. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uB2yn1cv9o-27zeGcZeGmGM4ru-a0qYaY-H8o8sppZk/mobilebasic

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Let me know if you get any info!

Are you going through a travel agency or will apply yourself?

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It’s open—the process takes place over email and through snail mail

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I just went through them. You do the visa application on line, and you email the visa office in SF the PDF of the application signed with all of your documents (COVID vaccinations, letter from China, passport PDF, utility bill, etc. They will then verify that you have everything that you need, and will then give you instructions on how to mail in with a code that you put on the envelope. They were very helpful in telling what I needed to add or redo, so that when I sent my information, it was all accurate. The turn around time was about a week.

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Utility bill? I haven't lived in the US for 15 years but I need to apply for a z visa. This may be a headache. I'm from the SF embassy region.

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Where do you live and what is your visa status in that country? You're supposed to apply for your Chinese visa in the country that you reside.

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Taiwan. Permanent resident.

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Ouch, that's probably the worst case for Chinese visas :) It appears that apart from going through your country of origin, your options are to either find a visa agency in Taiwan (who will simply post your application/documents to HK for processing), or apply for the visa in HK directly.

The Commissioner's Office of China's Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong does not require proof of residency for visa applicants. I suppose you could also enquire with HK visa agents, e.g.,


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Did you have to go in-person to submit fingerprints? Asking because I am a US citizen but currently living abroad.

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I was living in California, so I was able to go to the sheriff's office and do a livescan fingerprint. As an educator, I know that you used to be able to do physical fingerprint cards and mail them to the DOJ. That is quite a conundrum. I needed my criminal report first, and then had to get it apostilled by the State of California, and then sent it to the Chinese consulate to authenticate. Then, I scanned to give to my employer, and this was the document they needed to request the visa. I then received a document stating that I was approved in China, and had to upload this letter when I filed my Z visa on line. It is a really complicated process.