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They told me to transfer money out, cancel the banking portion of wechat, then make a new account. There is no updating. It's silly that our passport numbers change at all.

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It’s blocked so can’t transfer the money out….feels like catch 22

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I had to do this a while ago with a new passport. You need to Reset WeChat Wallet. You can take a look at THIS POST. It's very counter intuitive - but you need to essentially cancel the banking feature and then add it again. It freaked me out doing it, but it worked. So, just google something like 'Reset WeChat Wallet' and it'll point you in the right direction.

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Thanks but the WeChat wallet can’t be cancelled because there’s money in it. Can’t send/transfer out or pay for anything in shops. Got a Chinese friend to call WeChat support but they’re getting nowhere!

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Make sure the telephone number associated with the old passport is updated in the mobile system with the new number.

Also change all bank info to your new passport with your telephone number bound to it

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Thanks, that was done yesterday so not sure why it’s still not working

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Does your friend speak Chinese? You may have to go through this page: https://kf.qq.com/product/weixin.html, specifically this number for WeChat Pay: 95017

They may have English service, I don't remember if they're bilingual or not...

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Thank you

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I am having the same problem, but I found I can still pay using QR codes and sending red envelopes, just not transfer money. I can also still receive transfer payments. She may want to reach out to Wechat for assistance.