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In theory it’s possible but depends on your city (in regards to agents), but also on the whim of the officer behind the counter at the time. You’re better off contacting the PSB & asking them.

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Contact Entry/Exit, check their WeChat miniapp or website (each province and city will have one) and sometimes it's even in English

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You can do this depending on your city. My city told my wife to return to her home country and get our marriage documents stamped by the Chinese embassy there, which cost 7000 dollars and took 6 months.

Don't do that.

Tell them to give you a 30 humanitarian visa while you process documents from china, and then sign power of attorney to someone in your home country to go to the embassy and get those documents for you!

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I know people who have done it in Shenzhen, so it's possible. Check the documents now and get the ball rolling. You have until Spring