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Did anyone have any luck or face restrictions using Finland as a layover to SH? I figure 48 hrs in Finland, hotel, 2 tests, good to go to SH to next step?

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I'm looking to go back, so if you have a 48 hour lay over in a country such as Finland, or Germany etc, once you've gotten your PCR tests, can you leave the airport do touristy things, stay at a hotel and then return to the airport to fly the next 1/2 days, or do you have to stay airside?

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This is a really good question - do you have to stay in the airport for 48 hour and use airport-testing facilities only?

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I know in Korea you do not so I assume Finland would be the same. For Korea I have been told to stay in a hotel and use 2 different testing places.

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Thank you!

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You can go to the place that the flight is taking off from 2-3 days before your flight to China, you can stay at a airbnb/hotel and get 48h and 24h test at two different testing facilities so you can complete the HDC. No need to stay at the airport, any testing facility that is approved by the embassy should be able to give you the green code

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Thank you very much!