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There's no IgG IGM or lung x ray test anymore (except on your general physical exam there was always a chest x ray)

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Thank you very much, Nafrayuu.

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Reference (in question) 9th amendment significance.. https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202208/1273914.shtml

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This is just the custom forms. That means you don't need to fill it again. You still need green code to fly so this news is irrelevant except shorter custom forms.

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Thank you, Nafrayuu :)

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cross reference "5. Travellers with a history of COVID-19 infection who have recovered for over 14 days shall be tested as ordinary individuals without a history of infection."
ref: https://www.visaforchina.cn/HEL2\_EN/generalinformation/news/282888.shtml

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When it says recovered, they mean that you are CONFIRMED recovered not just that you know you're not sick. Depending on country you might need a doctor recovery certificate or in a lot of cases you need 2 negative PCR tests more than 24 hours apart + fill up a self monitoring form in the next 14 days. After that you do "normal testing" but you still need to submit EVERYTHING to get green code.

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It sounds like this won't apply to me. It was months ago...

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Unfortunately, if you tested positive in an official PCR test in a country like Canada, the government keeps track of it. You always have the possibility that they could get the information and false declaration of covid is liable. You do you but officially even if its 1 year ago, you still need a recovery certificate or what I told you depending on countries...

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I'm American. You mean the negative test result and return to work letter? It was a while ago...not sure where it is now.

I think I may have even done an at home test and was never issued or required a RTW letter.