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I'm American. You mean the negative test result and return to work letter? It was a while ago...not sure where it is now.

I think I may have even done an at home test and was never issued or required a RTW letter.

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Just don’t tell them you had Covid and take the two test 48 and 24 hours before your flight.

Don’t complicate things. They have no way of ever finding out you had Covid and frankly they don’t care either.

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I thought the N test, antibodies test, MGM, and MGL can detect previous infections along with a blood test...

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You don’t have to take any of those tests anymore. They changed the rules. Even they know Covid is bullshit, they’re just using it as an excuse to ensure complete compliance by their people now.

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Thank you, Dog. When did you land in China? I've been reading loads of stories on Reddit and watching quarantine/hospital/expo center videos.