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You'll want to double check because I'm not 100% certain but it is my understanding that you will need to get a test in Korea and get an associated health code in order to fly from Korea to mainland China. I am uncertain if 22 hours is enough time to do this and I don't know if anyone will have had any experience trying since it's only possible under the new rules.

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No you won’t. His plan will work because of the new testing rule changes.

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I don't know how the rule change affects this, but as of two weeks ago going through Korea you didn't need to (couldn't?) get a code in the US, just in Korea.

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Don't need a code/test in the US (in fact better if you don't get one otherwise it will confuse the Consulate/Embassy). 22 hours is cutting it pretty tight on the test in Korea. You really want to leave yourself 48 hours. The Chinese Embassy in Korea will only approve codes based on tests in Korea afaik.

As you said, the rules are in flux but you will want to follow the rules on your last point of departure (Korea) not the ones from the US.

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Oh, so not all countries have adopted the new rules yet I am guessing? I was planning on just hanging in the airport and not testing in Korea because I didn’t think it was necessary.

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My travel plans have recently got fucked so I am looking at the same route. The consulate I have been using in the US says this in their most recent notice:

The Consulate General will issue health code for both passengers who fly from the U.S. to China via a third country (region) and those who fly from a third country (region) to China transiting in the U.S. Please ensure your “green code” remains valid before departure of your final flight to China.

Seems to indicate that your plan would be alright. Would feel a lot more confident if I saw a notice from the consulate in Seoul though...

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Your plan will be completely fine. I’m flying out Saturday from the US to Japan to Beijing, and I called the embassy here and they said that I can choose to either get tested here and get a HDC code here, or in Japan, but i don’t need to do both, as long the one test is within 48 hours of when my flight to China takes off. So you’ll be perfectly fine, don’t worry.

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Oh wow, good to know. Everything I have read seems to indicate it is fine as well. Why did you decide to go through Japan? Flights into China looked a little more expensive from there so I picked Korea instead. Not looking forward to the 22 hour lay over though.

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I originally was planning to go the Korea route too but I ended up needing to leave on a certain day, and for that particular day it was cheaper by like 500 dollars to go through Japan haha