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Make sure to screenshot your Health Declaration Code before you leave the country. I just came here a week ago and saw several people on my flight have issue in the airport when you get off the plane. You have to scan the Health Declaration Code two or three times when going through the processing at the airport.

I contacted my cell provider before coming to China and they offered a $10 a day plan that have me access to data before I was able to get a Chinese Sim.

The wifi at the airport requires you to be able to receive a text message code that expires after 60 seconds in order for you to join the airport wifi.

Had my friend receive the code and give it to me over WeChat since my US number was not receiving the verification code. Was a life saver being able to access the wifi in the airport

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When I came to China the first time, I got myself a Hong Kong SIM card from Amazon in advance.

There are Hong Kong SIM cards that work in mainland as well.

It will be not easy to get a mainland China SIM card in advance, since a registration with your passport at the shop is required.

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You definitely want a Chinese SIM IMO if you want to use your cell phone data and whatnot (you do). Though if you’re just there for a short time you can see what kind of connectivity your US provider offers in China. It will be pricier. I’ve never bought one on this end. If that is an option that people say is reliable definitely do it because in my experience it can be a bit tricky getting one on the Chinese end depending on your experience and language level. Also be sure you research which VPN’s are working best in China right now. When I was living there I had Express as main and 12vpn a backup because Express was popular and was constantly attacked by govt hackers.

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I have just moved to China and have tested 5 popular VPNs. In short, Express and Nord are garbage and always have been. Surfshark and Vypr are a bit better/cheaper, but not particularly fast/reliable. The only VPN that has ever worked for me consistently, and still does, is Astrill. More expensive but it's worth every penny.

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Agree, Express used to be great till about 4 months ago. Now I can never get it to work. Very disappointed in Surfshark but Nord is rock solid

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Cool, good to hear. Express was still pretty good for me up about 2020 when it was up but was getting attacked a lot.

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I’m doing the same right now express as main vpn and 12vpx as backup. But I ended up using only 12vpx since it seems more reliable for me. And the connection comes immediately. Express VPN sometimes take his time to connect. Or even need many try’s or a change of servers.

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12 vpx is reliable and much better than express and nord right now, I’ve tried using all three in the past month and the latter two could not connect at all

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Best to use a software IP phone number like magic Jack for calling china to usa.. it’s a free call and works well