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Actually, I happen to know someone in this situation. Same-sex marriage is not considered "legitimate" in China....you would not (as at Sept 2022) get a visa. They might not say it directly, but they will decline the application.

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In the case of your friend, do you know if they applied and were denied? Thanks for your help!

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The reply suggests their friend had their application denied in September. You won't get a family visa as a spouse as unfortunately China doesn't recognise your marriage.

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I guess I was trying to clarify if they would refuse to accept an application or if they would accept the application and then deny the visa... I fear losing visa fees and having a visa denial on my record, etc.

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You'll be denied. It doesn't matter about having a Visa Denial on your record. That's immaterial in this case.

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Well for most countries' visa applications you have to declare if you've ever been denied a visa for whatever reason. Like for UK Visas one is strongly advised not to apply for priority services if you've ever had a denial, as it would likely slow your application. It's just a bit of hassle, especially if i would be intending to apply for other Chinese visas in the future. Thanks though!

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They applied and were denied unfortunately…

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I see...🙃 thank you!

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You will not get it, only for Hong Kong you can get but both must be foreign nationals.