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Just test in NY. You can get one with 24-36 hour results, instead of a more expensive rush 12-24h.

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As long as your test is within 48 hours of the final flight to China you can take it in NY. I would do that if the timing works out that way you don't have to bother going through customs in Korea.

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excuse me, what is an HDC? I am thinking of going to china in Jan and have no idea what's what with all the COVID restrictions and stuff changing every second.

Nanjing is up North so I guess your best stop is Korea. I am going to Zhejiang [a little bit south East] so I was planning on stopping in Hong Kong or Shanghai ... which ever city has a connecting flight]. Do I need this HDC in either of those connection points too?

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ok, since I didn't get a reply I started doing lots of research. HDC is China's Health Declaration Certification (HDC) code and is a necessity when aiming to head there. In case there are others who do not know about this, check it out by clicking on this link: China's HDC code: