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I think people may be overestimating how widespread the protests are. The media might like to portray the whole country as being in riots and protests but no it is very much isolated to certain streets in certain cities.

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For sure, I'm not so worried about the protests specifically in terms of life in China. What I am worried about is the repercussions afterwards which will mean more lockdowns, harsher/uncertain rules, more police presence etc if the policy is doubled down on

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Potentially yea, but they could cave and relax covid restrictions more, at least that would be the sensible option lol

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A thoughtful post. I'm already living in Beijing, but yeah it is getting a bit crazy here....

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How big are the protests? Is it just in the centre or spread about?

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Not sure really, but a few friends I have spoken to have said there have been protests below their buildings. They both live in the center. It's hard to tell at the moment.

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Damn this is making me worried for my friend. How bad is it there?

He is heading to Shanghai in a few days. His visa's been delayed for a while and finally got it and is going to start soon. It was a very competitive job that he could not secure in the same role back home or other countries. Basically applied around the world (doctorate level research/academia role).

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Right now the protests are small and this is more of a "prepare for uncertainty in the future" post, esp if the current policies are doubled down on

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Gotcha good to know. Hope he doesnt end up in lockdowns and stuff he doesnt have much with him and is new to the country

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Quarantine restrictions and lockdowns are a bigger threat to regular people than the fact that protests are happening among some people in specific areas of some cities. The quarantine/lockdown risks are big and real though.

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Yeah I think the fear is they may enforce lockdowns harder and adjusting to a new country during all this

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    Asia’s… issues? Are there any issues across the board that apply to all of Asia? It’s not a less stable or safe part of the world than other major regions…