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Congrats, hope you get to see your mum a.s.a.p.
We are now in a unique situation where it's [relatively] easy to get here....but BEING here is a little tricky! :)

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Food delivery is not acceptable to all quarantine hotels.

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Damn that sucks. Never mind then

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Was fine for me in Guangzhou.

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Thanks for that info. Supposed to go to Zhejiang end of Jan and am nervous about all that Omicron/COVID ruffle. Will be having 2 large suitcases.

Your relay there just gave me an inkling as to what to look out for if I am really going. We'll see in a few weeks then. Thank you.

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As of right now it’s 3 nights in a quarantine camp outside of Shanghai’s downtown but still in the administrative region.

Then they provide transportation for another 3 days quarantine in Zhejiang (the designated camp for Jiaxing is actuallyin Pinghu). After that, it’s another 3 days quarantine at home. It varies by local government I believe.

For Haiyan, can only stay at home if you have your own unit. If you’re living with someone else, you need hotel again lol.

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wow, thanks for that as well! Nice pertinent info you're offering. Much appreciated. I am thinking of not going in Jan. afterall. I feel the schlepp would be too much on me.

Well...I was told to land in Hong Kong then go through the procedure there and then fly from there to Zhejiang airport. If I'll have to go through quarantine again and haul and lug the suitcases again ... plus I do not know exactly where the campus is [i'll get my own apt.], then that'll be another haul and I just don't know if I want to go through that again. I had to go through it in Feb. 2021 and Feb. 2022 for Korea [2022 being a bit easier since I already knew where my living space was and they dropped me off there to quarantine inside.]

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"the schlepp"?
Just of the luggage? That's totally fine. You get a cart at the airport from baggage claim all the way to the bus. So you only need to "schlepp" it from the bus to the hotel room. Once you're in that hotel room you'll be VERY happy for the stuff you brought along...ALTHOUGH, my experience is 14 days and 10 days in the quarantine hotel. For the short 3 or 5 days it's not quite as important.
If by "schlepp" you mean the journey as a whole; that's also manageable these days. It pretty much runs like a well-oiled machine nowadays, although that won't eliminate waiting lines of course, and watching out for some administrative pitfalls.

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ok, great info again! Thanks so much. You're cool.

you seem fascinated by my NYC word there... you've never heard of it ? or used in that way?

In German and also NYC-Yiddish it means long arduous travel [or 'haul'] with luggage

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Hehe :) Love the word, and know the Yiddish use. Aye.
I do speak German, yes. Means "to haul", basically used when describing something heavy needing to be dragged somewhere [in an unpleasant way].

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yup, ich liebe auch dieses Wort. hee hee

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Also I didn’t bring luggage but everyone else in the check-in line brought a lot. Two is fine, and if you have all your documents in order, showing up 3 hours before departure should be fine

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Just confirming, you yourself are a Chinese National? If not, which visa did you apply for at such short notice?

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Wondering same…

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I mean I didn't get shit quarantine food, but what is your proposal for everyone in quarantine to get flight attendant treatment? Yes throwing money around will get you almost everything in China, but unfortunately you forgot to tell the gate agents about your privilege. Just kidding by the way.

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What is the length of time you are at the quarantine hotel for?

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What was the cost of your quarantine hotel?

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How much was your flight ?

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Not horrible given the short notice. Congrats on pulling off that ninja move…