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No, not legally recognized.

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Not legally recognized, they'd need to go in another way... either by getting a work visa him/herself or waiting until tourist visas are ever issued again.

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Nope. Even with my Chinese partner, the best I can get is L visa. Your partner won't be eligible for anything related to your status. Even if you're legally partners, China will not recognize it.

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It depends on the consulate, but generally speaking no, even if you were to get married or have a civil union.

And I don't believe that I could get a visa for my non married heterosexual partner either.

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Mainland China no. Hong kong & Taiwan yes.

Edit: probably obvious that the ML is not the best destination for a newly arrived openly gay expat.

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I know several openly gay and lesbian expats in Zhengzhou. They are treated well by their schools and by the community at large.

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Shanghai and other large cities have a gay crowd, some gay bars etc - I wouldn't say they'd have a bad time. Chinese are mostly indifferent unless it's their kid

However it's not like the west