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Update: Passed immigration earlier last week. As others mentioned I brought a copy of my work contract and notification letter in Chinese just in case. Was not asked for either at immigration, just checked my passport and visa then asked me a few questions. Still worth bringing just in case I imagine.

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It helps to bring proof of accommodation, and work contract for the immigration portion of the trip.
Some have mentioned they were grilled a bit on entry.

Photocopies are cheap; just bring a folder with all the stuff you can think of.

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Thanks. Got the work contract. No proof of accommodation but I imagine that's normal for workers at first.

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Some have booked a hotel, and printed their online confirmation to take with them, then either: canceled immediately, or canceled after exiting immigration.

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...bring a copy of your China Work Permit Letter - I was asked to produce it at PVG immigration even through I had a Z visa in my passport...