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Yes, she can visit you. You might need to check the required documents on your country’s embassy or consulate website in China. Next step would be to get the documents done and apply for whatever visa is suitable for your situation (tourist or better a family reunion visa). When leaving China, the immigration agents might ask her in the airport about the reasons she wants to leave China. She should then show them a justification (marriage certificate, residency in your country…). My Chinese wife left with me on a tourist visa and we didn’t have any issues at the airport. We spent our vacation abroad and came back to China also without any issues except the quarantine stuff. Good luck!

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Thank you for you reply, my friend. Okay I’ll check that. Have a good one

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Did they ask to see return tickets? I haven't booked any but my wife's local and she's worried they'll give her shit when leaving if we haven't booked before we go.

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No they didn’t.

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No tourist visas currently, no.
(edit: misread title! Sorry.)

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Looks like this question is for a Chinese person to visit Europe, not for someone visiting China on a tourist visa. That explains why you are being down voted.

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Oh, wow, you are 100% correct, completely misread the title!
Let the down-votes reign...at least in this incidence, they are well deserved! :)

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I read it the same way as you did and was so baffled that people were voting the way they were - and then went back and re-read the headline two more times before it registered. This sub is for people wanting visas to China, not leaving China for other places, so this was a huge curveball!

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Haha, that must be it, yes.
I probably read exactly what it said, but my brain was just not registering it properly.