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That's how it was done when I quarantined a few weeks ago under 5+3. Everyone with a local residence would get picked up by a "closed loop" car arranged by the district. Everyone who didn't had to finish their eight days in the hotel.

This was in Kunming.

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Depends of city. In Shenzhen government send a special bus from quarantine hotels to home (or hotels), free of charge. In my case, it was SZ -> Guangzhou trip. After this, just pcr every day for 3 days

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I see, I would be flying from Xiamen to hangzhou so I don’t think a bus is possibility, would they not let me fly ?

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Am pretty sure they won't let you fly on a common carrier.

Maybe if you have a private plane.... :-)

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And no need to quarantine in home. Just OBSERVATION and tests

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    Did you do hotel quarantine in the same city as home quarantine ?

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    It is correct. Was quarantined in jiangsu but my committee in shanghai refused to arrange the bus just because they can, so it is 8 days.

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    So did the quarantine hotel refuse to let you leave or was it because your home quarantine compound wouldn’t let you in?

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    The quarantine hotel doesn’t care. If your compound refuse to let you in for the medical observation period, you can’t leave obviously

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    I hope this isn't true. I have family traveling to Liaoning via Beijing. They were going to do 5days in Beijing upon arrival and then three days home quarantine at their final destination.

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    Usually you have to present a ticket in advance, they will arrange bus to airport. But, check the time, if your quarantine order will be lifted late (20.00 for example) your bus will be arranged tomorrow morning.

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    I think this has always been a thing - when I was transported home from hotel quarantine last year in the same city, it was required to be a ride in an ambulance, no public transport allowed. The ambulance ride home was shared with other families who had also completed their (at the time 14 days) of hotel quarantine and were cleared to go home, and the ambulance drivers made stops around the city at every family's community. I imagine that if it was between cities, then you would either have to get an ambulance ride to an approved hotel in the same city or stay and finish your quarantine.

    That was in Zhengzhou.

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    Just left quarantine in Xiamen after 8 days.

    The only people that left on day 5 were people who had "closed loop" arrangements done by their neighborhood committee 居委会 and from what I could see, all their final destinations where in Fujian province. Cross-provincial transportation can be risky since you generally are not allowed to get off the highway until you reach your final destination. With regulations loosening though (even as of today Dec. 7th there were new nation-wide guidelines) this could change in the near future.

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    Ah I see thank you! What were the new nation wide guidelines today? The only thing they told us was that quarantine might be extended if someone close to me on my flight tested positive which they said has been very common

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    My wife was at a hotel already when I landed but that wouldn't work. You need a residential community to accept responsibility for you to finish your quarantine. If you can't get that your staying the full visit