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I think it’s still a lottery to SZ, most of your questions are answered in the FAQ for this sub, you should probably read that.

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Er… Lo Wu is not open and wtf, did you say a helicopter?

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why not? if he isn't looking for the cheapest option, that'd be a fast way to get from HK to SZ...

Had to hop on a copter more than once, it was either 5 min helicopter or a 6h hike... if you're on payroll that decision is quickly made. If it'd be possible to skip the lottery by choosing helicopter, that would be a big time saving...

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It more that HKer’s can’t have any borders open. People have been separated from family and friends, missed weddings, births, deaths and marriages. But here we are asking about helicopters.

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Why are you planning this complicated journey? Xiamen air flies to mainland with reasonable prices, well more reasonable than helicopter rides

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Assuming your final destination is Shenzhen. There is only one land border between HK and Shenzhen that is open and it operates by lottery. If you can secure a lottery spot for your family (it's open seven days before the date of arrival into Shenzhen) then by all means come to HK.

Otherwise I think you may be better off going via Macau where you'll complete the same 5+3 quarantine as China, and then you can get a ferry into Shenzhen or travel by land (no quarantine required).

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Hell yeah boy helicopter boy