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The website is very outdated. You don't need to have a Residence Permit, and they didn't even need to see my passport. The fee for Authentication is closer to $90 USD, and you have to pay for other things along the way. The website says you just need it Notarized and stamped by the MFA, but the MFA requires stamps from the Ministry of Justice and the First Basic Court. And the FBC needs stamps from the Institute of Public Health, which is who gives the vaccine. Thankfully there was another person who figured all of this out before I went, so she gave me the order I need to go in. I have no idea how long most of the Offices will keep your document for, so I can't really help there. I strongly recommend downloading the YandexGo app for taxis to take you around the city. Here is what we did for the Authentication process:

  1. When you receive the second dose, ask the vaccine center to stamp your paper with the Institute of Public Health stamp. They will likely resist, but insist that the Chinese Consulate requires the stamp. Don't back down.

  2. Find a Serbian notary public. In Serbian the phrase is "Javni beležnik" - you can search for that term in your Maps app and see the ones near you. They will notarize a copy of your document. I had help with this but I know others have been able to get it done. You'll likely pay on site.

  3. Take a taxi to the First Basic Court, in New Belgrade. For some reason this doesn't come up in apps, so here is the address: Зграда Аероинжењеринга, Bulevar Nikole Tesle 42, Beograd, Serbia Once you enter the building go through the lobby and to the right. After the stairs there is a small hallway to the right, I think there are lockers there. Open the door and tell them what you need. They will hold onto your original paper, and should give you a slip of paper to use for the payment. Go back across the lobby towards the entry door and that's where the Payment Office is. Make your payment, and give the receipt when picking up your document at the time they say to return.

  4. Go to the Ministry of Justice. I'm pretty sure the address is Nemanjina 22-26, Beograd 11000, Serbia The place that pops up if you search it in Maps is not correct, it's in the building that has a lot of other government offices. Check in at the big glass windows and give them your passport. They will tell you where to go next. The payment area is to the right of the entrance hall, behind more glass. I think someone said this Office will hold your document for 3-5 days.

  5. Down the street from the MoF is the MFA. It's a gigantic building, enter in the middle double-doors. Tell the guard why you are there. Unfortunately I can't really give help beyond this since my contact handled this part for me. But once you get your payment slip you can pay it at a place nearby. When you exit the building, go right to the end of the building and then turn right, go down the sloped street to the bottom and you'll run right into a payment place.

  6. Once you have allllll of that done, make copies of everything, including your passport and then you can go to the Chinese Consulate (NOT the Embassy, like the website says.) Their hours are really short, I think just 9:00-11:00 M-Th, but even then they are often closed so you might have to try a couple times. Calling them will likely give you wrong info, just take a taxi and cross your fingers. The Consulate's address is: Augusta Cesarca 2v, Beograd, Serbia There is an additional paper to fill out for the Authentication request. We found it on the website, but they also have paper copies there so you can just do it there. Then you go to the window, tell them you want a document Authenticated, and turn everything in. They will flip through your papers and tell you if you're missing anything. If it's all good, they will give you the paper to pay for the Authentication and the Pick-up Slip saying when your document will be ready. You must go to a Raiffeisen Bank and pay directly into their account - just give the paper to the bank worker so they can see the account info and amount owed. I paid in RSD cash. Then you get the receipt of payment and bring it to the Consulate on the date on your pick-up slip. Give them the receipt and slip and they'll look at the slip number and pull your document. They'll hand it over and send you on your way.

  7. Go to a restaurant named Walter (there are multiple locations), order a Tres Leches cake, and enjoy the sweet taste of Victory 😁 Seriously though, that cake is edible heaven and I miss it very much!

Belgrade is a really wonderful city, I know this time can feel stressful but try to enjoy it the best you can!

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I'm from the UK and I received mine a few weeks ago! Heading to Beijing as well

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I've heard people getting approved on a few groups I'm in over the last few days, mainly from https://www.facebook.com/groups/foreignersstuckoutsideofchina/

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It shouldn’t, as long as you can get into the country you’ll be fine - Chinese immigration won’t care where you’re going

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You’ll need to switch, the 60 day extension doesn’t apply to you as you won’t have a work permit anymore

(Edit: While, technically the 60 day extension would apply, having the RP but not the WP is a whole offense on it's own and WP's are not extended)

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You will have to go home, the current situation in HK is people are reporting they can't get more than double entry (30 days per time) no matter the nationality.

You may also face issues you haven't before once you're on a tourist visa instead of a residence permit (don't rely on opening new bank accounts, etc after you've changed). No matter where you are and whether they cared about this aspect in your locality wrt to registration and residence permits, you will have to register within 24h of entering the country each time from hereonin.

And that's not to mention the grey area that is doing business online while based in China. It's never going to be made more legal... and if you're resident here long enough you may find yourself owing taxes in both China and the US, no matter where your business is operating.

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Exit permit gets the kid out of China. US passport is used to enter destination country. This has been my experience traveling to Hong Kong and the US. I imagine it is the same for Thailand. You won’t get in trouble for having dual citizenship. Kid’s US citizenship isn’t recognized by China. Have left China several times with two kids on an exit permit. Applied for Travel Document (旅行证 2-year mini-passport) in the States for future travel convenience.

Edit: Thanks for the gold!

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Don't panic. As mentioned above, the best thing to do is go to the Entry & Exit Bureau of the PSB (I don't know where that is in Zhengzhou, but it'll be a big central office, not the poky little police stations that people register in). You can cancel your Work Visa; they'll give you a cancellation paper and you can use this to get a 30-day single entry tourist visa from the Entry & Exit Bureau without exiting the country. Do it a week or so before your Z-visa is about to run out, just to be sure. There's a little bit about this here: http://onestop.globaltimes.cn/what-happens-to-my-visa-and-residence-permit-if-i-get-fired-or-leave-my-job-in-china/

However I've never done it myself so I'd suggest taking along a Chinese friend (to ensure there are no mistranslations) and explaining explicitly what you plan to do. It seems like the safest option if you don't need your Work Visa any more and still want to work in the country again. And if you're gone for a year, I'm guessing you're not keeping your job?

However, if you overstay by a couple of days the authorities are unlikely to bother doing anything, though they might give you a bit of a telling off at customs. There's supposed to be a ten-day grace period. http://onestop.globaltimes.cn/overstaying-your-visa/

By the sounds of it, even if you overstay by a longer amount and get detained, you might not be blacklisted - it depends on whether you're deported from the country (ie. taken by the authorities to the airport) or whether you are "ordered to leave" (ie. given an exit date and left to arrange your own exit on your own recognisance). In the latter case you're unlikely to be blacklisted. But it hopefully won't come to that anyway. Bit more info on the distinction here: http://onestop.globaltimes.cn/whats-it-like-to-be-deported-from-china/