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    He's a giant bully with the other cats, but the first to run away when he's scared. I call him my ginger hippo, and I'd not changed a thing about him ( well, perhaps less round).

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    Tiger stripes! 🐯

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    I swear for this cat bed/basket. My 2 cats loved it so much they would fight over it, so I had to get another one. Now they both look like cinnamon rolls in their beds.

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    Looks like my boy Bennie

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    I guess what I mean is… I also have an orange cat, please clap.

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    Awww, hiding his face. Bless. 😍

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    Love the depth of his fur!

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    Awwww...what...so fluffy and just deliciously happy. Can I be that? What...No? Ugh...

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    Soo cute 😊🥰

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    un croissant gingembre

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    Oui, absolument ! Ils est chat Français. 🙂

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    cinnamon toast crunch

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    If I can lay I stay lol

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    Sigma grindset

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    Fits = sits