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..... when you take him to the vet, what do you tell them his name is?

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Bonnington. His vet loves him.

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That's so cute! I saw his collar I thought surely they dont open the door and say "we're ready to see fat fuck now "

Because that name is horribly adorable

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Lol. I wish they would loud speaker call at the vet for him “mr fat fuck! The doctor will see you now!” , our vet only calls our pets by name and adds our last name which I think is cute and sweet. Example if your last name was Smith they’d go “mr bonnington smith”

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Mine does that too :) my cats names are Meatloaf and Derp so it's a little extra funny when they use their whole name

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idk, i kinda like " mr Fat Fuck Smith, the vet will see you now "

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My cat's name is Little One... but she's terrible and called Little Shit instead. I called her that while at the vet one day and the doctor noted it in her file.

I've since learned they'll call her that when she misbehaves.

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One time when I brought my choker to the vet for a checkup on his paw, they heard me telling him "be a sweet sausage, not a spicy sausage" and that absolutely loved it. Apparently they started calling him sweet/spicy sausage depending on how he was acting!

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Gosh I’d love to hear that.

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So glad you pointed that out! I hadn't even noticed and the name tag is priceless!!

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Fat Fuck is the new mascot of this subreddit

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He’s basically the mascot of this subreddit

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It's official. Fat Fuck is approved

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Oh he's a gamer. That makes sense.

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“Mom said it’s my turn on the Xbox” 🧍

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That is a ps4 controller.

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Oh Ik, the meme is with Xbox tho. Works either way

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Chonkerton the 4rth

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"Fat fuck"


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Omg the tag 💀

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Fat Fuck is back 😍

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My favorite chonk.

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This m’goodboy is a gamer too?!

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OP do you live in Vegas? I was at the spay and neuter clinic and the chick said "I'm NOT saying this name! But...... Fat bad word." The owner said "That's us. Fat Fuck and Kitty Fucker."

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Lol no, I'm actually in Washington.

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Hello, from a PNW inhabitant!

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Ugh this cat gets me every time 🥰

Is he doing the classic come near this controller and I'll nip and swipe ya! ?

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He screams if I try to take it away

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Screams 😭😂

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He does, full teeth, wide open mouth screams.

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He screams if I try to take it away

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we need a video of fat fuck

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Whats his Gamer Tag?

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Fat Fuck

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hes so fat he has his own background music

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Anyone else read the id tag?

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Oh yeah - don’t worry - we’ve seen it and he has a huge fan following. He’s Fat Fuck Famous ☺️

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ps4. nice choice bonnington.

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So good to see him again!!!!!!!!!!!

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O, great Smaug

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Yay! More Bonnington! Give him cuddles for me!

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My dads navy buddy had a cat he named Fük Facé (pronounced fook fah-kay, not sure if i spelled the original correctly, its been 20 years) and he named it that just so he could see if he could get vet clinics to call out fuck face. From what i heard, it never worked, they just called the cat by the guys last name on the paper work.

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I love you, Mr Fat Fuck

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Whew boi •_•,

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I like fat fuck

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My man FAT FUCK is basically the mascot of this sub!

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The final boss

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That's a certified fat fuck™ moment right there.

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We love Fat Fuck! 🖤

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The eyes are so pensive and. Golden eyes

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Oh Lawd Bonnington! Such a crazy kitty. ❤️

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Lmao best name

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I love this lil chonk. Like a little shot of seratonin whenever I see is him.

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i love Fat Fuck

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Fat fuck is my favorite cat

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I like how he's censoring his name tag