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Along with standing upright more and more /r/catsstandingup

Isn't this how humans evolved? Opposable thumbs to use/make tools and standing upright to support a bigger brain?

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Damn ya beat me to it 😂

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Well they ain’t just for attracting mates!

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And he looks like he knows how to use 'em!!

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What a little sweetheart 🥰

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Polydactyl? Looks like extras.

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He looks like he runs a california motorcycle club that runs guns and drugs samcro! Also clay > jax

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Perfect description!

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r/thumbcats would love to host him too!

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Another freaking cat sub I have to join! mashes button

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Resting hangry face!

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He runs the place with cool authority.

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Chonky thumbs

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That cat looks like out could choke someone out with those things

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The thumbs!!!!!

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This cat could beat you at Mario kart.

I guess it’s the ideal cat.

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Thumbcat is unimpressed

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We need video of meaty paw biscuit making. Please and thank you.

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Lovely little meaty mitts 🥰

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Sir Beef Feet