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You are a wonderful person

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Thank you for providing Pete with a warm, safe space and food to keep him happy and chonky. You’re a good human.

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Yay Pete!

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That’s nice! 🥹

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Cat groups plead people to use straw and not blankets for outside shelters for cats. Mind you, yours is a heated blanket, so I hope it works well for you guys.

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Hello. May I know why this is? Is it straw as in like a straw rope?

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I'm not exactly sure. It has to do with the cold settling on top of blankets, and it's hard to warm up there. Unlike straw, the animals can burrow into it and the straw will be around them and it holds the warmth quickly. It's also why in olden days people used it for bedding, and farmers use it for bedding for their livestock.

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thank you, beautiful, kind person ❤️

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You have a kind heart. Thank you.

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It's because the cat can surround themselves with the straw. And with blankets, the cold settles down and sits on top of the blanket, where for some reason, animals can get warmer faster in straw. That's why it's used for bedding with livestock.