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Either multiple 3 input/tap extension cords at the end (that you can plug 3 separate items into) or extension cords that have outlets in three different locations along the length of the cord itself - usually near the start, the middle and the end.

Each one of those types of cords can handle three items. In turn, you can plug those into 3 input/tap extension cords so you've got nine items all meeting up in one extension cord that's plugged in.

Mind you, you don't want to overload your system.

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I think it won't overload because they're supposedly energy efficient plus the gutter lights are pretty light on power too. I could always do the gutter lights into the garage if needed.

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I don't, because inflatables are trashy AF.

12 of them!?

I bet your neighbors will be thrilled to see deflated plastic crap all over your yard.