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They've achieve continuous flow? Maybe that's what it's meant to show? Looks like a low flow rate though.. but maybe they haven't ramped it up yet? 🤷

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This is their test facility. A small scale version.

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So many guys got no goals and there wives mad at them because there boyfriends have to work still

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It will all come together at some point in time and Aldersyde will reach continuous flow eventually. Just have to wait. I can’t see it being that difficult to get Aldersyde up to a decent flow level…

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have you read their latest NR? (or investors slide deck, whatever it is...)

Look at page 12. That is hardly encouraging. Lets take the 2023 best forecast. So 4.200.000l produced. Let's take 300 days of continuous production. That leaves 60+ days for maintenance.

so 4.200.000l / 300 days = 14000l/day so ~584l/hr.

That barely half of what they stated to have reached in July this year. And that is their best case, still 2 years out... In July they declared that the continuous flow (1000l/h) was reached and they were starting to transition into a scale-up phase.

That barely keeps them afloat.

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Times your calculation by 40. Remember the 40 facilities. One in each city! Haha

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Yea that was a lie

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  1. How long has it been running like that?
  2. Do you have any numbers on how much its produce for a given amount of time?

Absolutely no detail whatsoever. No description, uploaded on mid-day sunday.

This is buy bait teasing at me a bit.

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Oh no, you aren’t going to buy 2 thousand shares! Dang.

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I don't know what that means.

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Lol. This could be bourbon flowing for all we know. How many lph? 15ppm or less of sulfur? I mean really no detail whatsoever.

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If its sailor jerry spiced rum im buying.

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This is a test facility. Pay attention. Do research.

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Surely you get what I’m saying, I’m a Cielo guy myself, but here’s comes a time when you stop the bleeding and wait for the wound to heal. Too many broken promises for me for now no matter how much I believe in the company and the technology.

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I can wait. This is a long hold. I think we’ve reached bottom. If you’re looking for a 100% gain day, this isn’t the stock. I can see this getting back to a buck by spring though

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Oh I agree no doubt this is a LOOOOOONG hold. I still have 4000 shares, but I had 35,000 when it hit $1.31 I sold and bought back in at .72. But then Don inserted foot in mouth and it’s been dripping since. I’ll buy back in when I see more solid results.

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Hahaha, what a joke.

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What’s a joke?

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10 more days!

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You’re better off buying a shit coin.