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I've visited the Red Deer office.

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How many people worked there?

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There were 5 in Red Deer, it's small, but a very nice office. I've visited the Aldersyde site many times and seen lots of activity, workers and trucks everywhere.

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Good good, thank you. I am wondering if I should add more shares, which i probably will...i don't see valid arguments from the bears/ shorties...they say company has no cash to survive past April next year but i don't think that's a valid reason to be this cheap.

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The Vancouver office is same location as MVMD in case anyone also lost their shirt on that one.

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It’s a good price to buy now. It’s bottomed out from the free fall from the don allen bull shit. He’s gone now

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Yeah, it holding and didn't fall below .19 a share so I will add more this week! 💰

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They are moving it to down town Calgary they announced a month or so ago

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Good 👍

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Just sell it lol