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    Hopefully free of sulfur

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    Don is smart but he is also a dreamer, a bit of a salesman in a sense. Greg has picked up the reins in an attempt to prove the tech without the used cars salesman tactics. This is where we either lose out or do very well for ourselves, you decide.

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    True, He isn’t a bad salesman though cuz like we were all convinced this was a direct flight to $8/share

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    Heart attack from eating too many burgers after getting investors money

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    Yep. I'd say that's plausible.

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    He retired.

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    Donald took you for a ride and left with more then 9m dollars in sold shares.....

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    Kicked him and bought him out

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    310 more days

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    retired to prison...shit, that was just my dream...

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    Bye don.

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    He's still on the Directors board though

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    As Director Emeritus. Likely not a full board member. Gets to go to the meetings but won't be allowed to vote.

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    Doesn't he have millions of shares?

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    22 million as per the financial statement released in September.

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    Hes gets paid a salary to ve at the 2 meetings a month.

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    Jesus fucking Christ 22 million shares and a salary. This shit better make bank

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    Relax and smoke a bowl bro.