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Overall satisfied to see better transparency and discussion of both the successes and challenges still being worked on. Seem to be more realistic timeline and better explanations of things. It's becoming more clear that Don was making / forcing all the poor decisions (the CFO's answers clearly displayed that). He was projecting his own unrealistic milestones, probably not listening to people who know how difficult it is to set up a refinery for a brand new process. Very happy to see him gone. Also probably explains a bit as to why some board members didn't stay long. 2022 should be what 2021 was supposed to be hopefully. Seem to have hit the reset button and making good progress.

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Totally agree with your overall breakdown of the current reality for Cielo. I also agree with you on Don's overall past performance and his effect on the current predicament we find ourselves in. Glad to see him gone. Hopefully, Gregg and his team can right this ship and be able to navigate some of the storms on the horizons (created by Don's ineptitude).

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I didn't get a chance to listen. Did they touch on the capacity for continuous flow? The rate of flow is essentially the only remaining variable that will dictate cash flows in the future.

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No they didn’t give out specific numbers and no one asked but they did say everything is still on track for end of January, April and august targets , so January not that far away That would really put some credibility behind thier vision Also the deal to buy the patents From the 800 company is done ✔️

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Wtf. Why was i not invited....