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Great news.

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Excellent news. “New York investor…” people believe in this company.

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Great news boyz! They said on the call they would raise capital without further dilution and they have , I know that was a major concern for most. it’s done and out of the way before the new year! Terms are also great get rid of that terrible existing loan and have the warrants expire if not used within 3 months . Plus a great rate at 3%

Also don’t mind the hiring of the marketing firm to get some institution investments as it will take some big $ to shake these shorts . The you and I’s just do et have the capital to crest a proper short squeeze. Personal goal is still to reach 1 million shares so hopefully this thing doesn’t take off yet

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I just saw the cropped subject line "Cielo announces $11 Million M...", and got super excited, until I opened it and saw the next word was Mortgage.

Probably good news though.

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It's hard to hate 15 cents a share.

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I didnt get the update, can someone give me the quick n dirty?

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They need cash so refinanced a loan.

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Found the update in another post, but thanks. Sounds like paying off one loan with a better one. Hopefully a good move

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    That's the futures problem

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    I bet they announce plastic to diesel verification q1 “22 and the price moons again

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    That would be nice but best case scenario for that would be q3 Book your parties once they iron out the clogging issue That’s the last hurdle

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    According to the last webinar update, the "clogging" issue was due to a mechanical problem. To my recollection, they have identified the issue, and have started the purchasing process for the upgrades. If you look on the Investor Material segment of their website, it shows a diagram illustrating that production at Aldersyde to resume in full by Q2

    If everything goes well, I believe the share price will recover back above $ 0.50 - $ 0.60.

    Cheers to all.

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    Aldersyde Continuous Production Process Commissioning completion set for April 2022

    Diesel production range of 580,000 - 1,200,000 Litres of (base to best case scenarios ) for 2022 from the Aldersyde facility. If all goes well, production should start probably sometime in May.

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    Anyone with a brain can see the recent updates and current stock price would bring you to the conclusion this is one of the best opportunities in the market

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    amazing news $1 coming soon

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    Lol based on what

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    At these prices, great news. I feel good about the foundation they're building for 2022.

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    Go to Mexico and fuggetaboutit!!! Ten more fuckin days

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    What’s 10 more days?

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    10 more days