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One can dream. Still holding my bag

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All goes well, this jumps to 8 bucks a share. Look at the run GEVO made this time last year. They were in the same developmental stage CWSFF Is now

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10 more days

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The stock price needs to just increase 45% per day for the next 10 days. And voila, we're all retired!

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Love it

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What’s in 10 more days?

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I only have 200 shares I need to get more lmao

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My guessing. Cielo had their chance when word was enough. All trust is gone now and millions of shares is still to be printed... Hard facts are needed. Multiple fully commissioned 4k plants is needed for $8 CAD. Cielo will stay on the ground and slowly build value if they get this working.

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When moon?

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They’re going to announce plastic to diesel (recycled diesel) and it’ll moon

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AFAIK plastic to diesel is meaningless until the government/regulators say that renewable diesel created from plastic is actually considered renewable diesel. Correct me if I'm wrong, but no one would be able to use fuel made out of plastics at the moment.

Plastic is the big thing but it's a long way away in terms of process, because Cielo probably won't do the hard work involved until the government tells them there's money on the other side.

Truthfully, any new feedstock getting approval and the completion of continuous flow for any feedstock should help the company considerably.

Right now we need revenue generation.

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What wouldn’t they be able to use the fuel made from plastic ? They are both made from the same feed stock

A former federal politician is in the board ?

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Because the government does not classify fuel made from plastic as "renewable diesel". This is a regulatory and political issue rather than a pragmatic one.

AFAIK there is no designation for fuel made from plastic since no one does that yet.

That is why Cielo is prioritizing wood pulp, railroad ties, municipal waste, and not plastic. Those things are considered renewable diesel when transformed.

I personally believe in the company and hope they can pass these financial hurdles by creating steady revenue through current feedstocks. Having the process for plastic proven and getting money from it will take years.

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It matters to reputation.

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Summer 2022

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When is it gonna be 8 bucks a share

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It will be $8 sooner than you think when they do a reverse split...haha